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Find connected clouds of objects in PyMOL
Colors all objects differently (Python script).
Find sequence or regular expression of amino acids in a protein.
Retrieves atom coordinates as Python objects.
Retrieves atom coordinates as Python array (list object).
Make named selections using regular expressions (protein sequence).
Prints a list of all residues in a selection (both Python and .pml).
Lists the color of all residues in a selection (both Python and .pml).
Secondary structures (both predefined and those calculated with the 'dss' command) can be exported as a long string ('HHHHLLLLSSS').
Python method that returns true if a selection of a given name exists.
Moves two parts of one object into different directions.
Splits an object into 2 pieces along a given axis.
Convert a multistate object into a group of single state objects.
Renumber residues such that the first residue is 0. Useful for alignments.