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Type Python Module
Author(s) Takanori Nakane and Thomas Holder
License BSD-2-Clause
This code has been put under version control in the project Pymol-script-repo

Included in psico
This command or function is available from psico, which is a PyMOL extension.

Module psico.querying

get_raw_distances can dump distance objects, created with distance.

This script also provides the command select_distances, which selects atoms from distance objects.

Warning: the atoms are hashed by coordinates; this could cause issues if coordinates are altered after distance objects have been created (see also dynamic_measures setting).


get_raw_distances [ names [, state [, selection ]]]
select_distances [ names [, name [, state [, selection [, cutoff ]]]]]


  • names = string: names of distance objects (no wildcards!) {default: all measurement objects}
  • state = integer: object state {default: 1}
  • selection = string: atom selection {default: all}


fetch 2xwu, async=0

# interface polar contacts
distance iface_hbonds, chain A, chain B, mode=2

# dump (model,index) information
get_raw_distances iface_hbonds

Example Atom Selection

# select atoms
select_distances iface_hbonds, hbsele

# nice representation
set cartoon_side_chain_helper
set sphere_scale, 0.5
as cartoon, 2xwu
show sticks, byres hbsele
show spheres, hbsele

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