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If the mesh_negative_visible setting is on, then an isomesh at iso level 3.0 will in addition show the -3.0 contour. The color of the negative contour is defined by the mesh_negative_color setting. The color of the positive contour is defined with the color command, or with the mesh_color setting.

The surface_negative_visible and surface_negative_color settings control the same behavior for isosurface objects.

Since PyMOL 1.8.4 the negative color can be controlled from the color menu ("C > negative > ...").


Show the +/- 3 sigma iso-level mesh ("wire-frame") of a difference density map.

fetch 1ubq, diffmap, type=fofc, async=0
isomesh diffmesh, diffmap, 3.0
color green, diffmesh
set mesh_negative_color, red
set mesh_negative_visible

Same, but with a closed surface:

fetch 1ubq, diffmap, type=fofc, async=0
isosurface diffsurf, diffmap, 3.0
color green, diffsurf
set surface_negative_color, red
set surface_negative_visible

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