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This is an attempt at using Blender, an open-source, free, 3D modeling software to render, pose and animate objects exported from Pymol.

Blender may be downloaded freely for all major platforms (Win/Mac/Linux), from:

A great starting place for getting comfortable with Blender is the Blender Wiki:

These tutorials are for Windows.


Representative examples. Please change/improve.

1. Importing a PyMol Structure into Blender

2. Translucent Surfaces

High quality translucent surfaces, better than PyMOL's internal renderer/ray-tracer.

3. Joining Atoms

Why Blender?

Blender Help

Blender is a perfect complement to PyMOL for creating high quality images and animation, but has a pretty steep learning curve. The following are a few resources that may be of help along the way: