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Welcome to the PyMOL Wiki!
The community-run support site for the PyMOL molecular viewer.
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Official Release PyMOL v1.8.4 has been released on October 4, 2016.
New Script dssr_block is a wrapper for DSSR (3dna) and creates block-shaped nucleic acid cartoons
New Plugin LiSiCA is a new plugin for 2D and 3D ligand based virtual screening using a fast maximum clique algorithm.
Official Release PyMOL v1.8.0 has been released on Nov 18, 2015.
PyMOL Open-Source Fellowship Schrödinger is now accepting applications for the PyMOL Open-Source Fellowship program! Details on
Official Release PyMOL, AxPyMOL, and JyMOL v1.7.6 have all been released on May 4, 2015.
New Plugin PyANM is a new plugin for easier Anisotropic Network Model (ANM) building and visualising in PyMOL.
New Plugin Bondpack is a collection of PyMOL plugins for easy visualization of atomic bonds.
New Plugin MOLE 2.0 is a new plugin for rapid analysis of biomacromolecular channels in PyMOL.
3D using Geforce PyMOL can now be visualized in 3D using Nvidia GeForce video cards (series 400+) with 120Hz monitors and Nvidia 3D Vision, this was previously only possible with Quadro video cards.
Older News See Older News.
Did you know...


= Overview =

This script will create a CGO circle with the origin at the specified X,Y,Z coordinates. Also, you can specify the radius and the colors. See the examples.

If you want to draw a circle around an object or selection, use circleSelection. If you want pure flexibility over your circle then use cgoCircle.

There are two functions here:


— creates a CGO circle at some user-specified location


—creates a circle around the named object or selection.


import math
import pymol
from pymol.cgo import *
import random

def cgoCircle(x, y, z, r=8.0, cr=1.0, cg=0.4, cb=0.8, w=2.0):
  Create a CGO circle

        x, y, z
          X, Y  [[CgoCircle|..→]]
A Random PyMOL-generated Cover. See Covers.