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GalleryImageTest Template


| title=theTitle
| image=[[ImageName.png]]
| description=theDescription
| seeAlso=seeAlso
| cmdString=commandString
  • ImageName.png is the name of the image (the image should already be in the wiki)
  • theTitle is the title you would like at the top of your image
  • theDescription is the description you would like added to your image
  • cmdString are the commands used to create the image. You can use <source lang="python">...</source> within this area to prettify your PyMOL commands
  • seeAlso can include quick links to commands used
  • the order of these variables does not matter
  • images are resized to 200px mainly to make columns line up better


This is the title What To Type
BW raytraced complex image.jpg
This is the description.

See Also
many pymol commands

You can put other text also.
Bold text
Italic text

  • even bulleted lists!


{{{title}}} What To Type

See Also