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This setting affects the radius of sticks in the sticks representation. Default scale is set to 0.25.

In newer versions of PyMOL, one may set the Stick_radius on a per-bond basis. So, you can set for example, the radius of only selected bonds if you want. This is done through the Set_bond command.


set_bond stick_radius, ''size'', selection


  • size can be any float number. Using 0.25 (default value) is usually appropriate for most representations, although 0.15 migh be preferred for comparing closely related structures, e.g., conformers.


set_bond stick_radius

by itself will revert to 1.00.

If the above commands do not work

You can do something like below

To set on the entire object

set stick_radius=0.12


create myObj, <selection>

Ex : create myObj, hetatm

set stick_radius,0.2,myObj

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