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Example of Anaglyph 3D in PyMOL
Example of a ray traced, focal blurred, anaglyph image.
3D B-DNA Example
Amyloid beta example

The stereo_mode setting sets the type of stereo mode, if the stereo setting is enabled.

You can also control both settings with the stereo command, which is more convenient!


set stereo_mode, integer

Valid values for the integer argument are listed in the following table.

Supported Stereo Modes

Corresponding keyword arguments (instead of numeric values) can be passed to the stereo command.

value description
1 quad-buffered
2 cross-eyed
3 walleye
4 geowall
5 sidebyside
6 stencil by row, Zalman
7 stencil by col
8 stencil checkerboard
9 stencil custom for developers
10 anaglyph (requires green/magenta glasses)
11 dynamic polarization
12 clone dynamic


Anaglyph Color Quality and Ghosting

To test the quality of your glasses and coloring, you can test for "ghosting". Choose a part of the structure where the channels for the left and right eye are nicely separated in space. Hold one lens over the part of the structure and see you see one image or if there is a faint second image for the other channel. Then hold the other other lens over the image and see if there is a faint second image.

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