Ray trace disco factor

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The ray_trace_disco_factor setting has an effect on ray_trace_mode 1-3. With small values, outlines will appear at surface curvature discontinuities.

set ray_trace_disco_factor, 0.0 set ray_trace_disco_factor, 1.0
Ray trace disco factor-0-cartoon.png Ray trace disco factor-1-cartoon.png
Ray trace disco factor-0-spheres.png Ray trace disco factor-1-spheres.png
Ray trace disco factor-0-sticks.png Ray trace disco factor-1-sticks.png


set ray_trace_mode
set ray_trace_disco_factor, 1.0 ;# disable effect
set ray_trace_disco_factor, 0.1 ;# some outlines
set ray_trace_disco_factor, 0.0 ;# strong outlines


# load a molecule
fragment indane
show_as spheres

# white background makes black outlines
bg_color white

# enable outline mode
set ray_trace_mode, 3
set ray_trace_disco_factor, 0.0

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