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The Pymol-script-repo is the preferred place to host scripts which are published on the PyMOLWiki.


  1. A convenient way, to let PyMOL users download all scripts at the PyMOLWiki, with a minimum of effort.
  2. The possibility to let script authors push changes to their script out to PyMOL users.
  3. Easier requiring assistance from the PyMOL mailing list.

Official repository

The repository is located at:

Naming convention

We recommend that the name for script filename and pagename at the PyMOLWiki are the same. All letters should also be lower case.

Example: colorbydisplacement

For a description of use
For a color coded view
Raw download
In the users local script library /home/tlinnet/Software/pymol/Pymol-script-repo/
To import in PyMOL import colorbydisplacement
To print the available functions in PyMOL help(colorbydisplacement)

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