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Note: The morph command added in PyMOL 1.6 is very similar to morpheasy

Included in psico
This command or function is available from psico, which is a PyMOL extension.

Module psico.morphing

morpheasy does a molecular morph between two conformations, based on sequence alignment. It's a proxy for the morph command but provides a simpler and more convenient workflow.

Like the morph command itself, this will only work with incentive PyMOL builds, not with open-source PyMOL.


morpheasy source, target [, source_state [, target_state [, name ]]]


  • source = string: atom selection of first conformation
  • target = string: atom selection of second conformation
  • name = string: name of output object to create {default: morph01}


import psico.fullinit

fetch 1akeA 4akeA, async=0
morpheasy 1akeA, 4akeA

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