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Label colors and sized changed, per object.


Sets the color that PyMol uses to draws/renders labels. This can be set for all objects/selections or for one in particular.


# set object's color to colorName
set label_color, colorName, object

# example showing two different objects
# each with their own coloring.
pseudoatom foo
label foo, "foo"
pseudoatom another
label another, "Another label"
set label_color, green, foo
set label_color, lightpink, another
translate [0, -10, 0], object=another
set label_size, -2
zoom foo or another, 10

User Comments

If the coloring of the labels is not exactly the same as you'd expect (say black turns out grey, or red turns out pink), then try the following settings:

unset depth_cue
unset ray_label_specular

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