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Please place your PyMOL script requests here. A few other people might have the same request and someone might just code it up for free (viz. all these other scripts). There are no guarantees that someone will write your script, but it doesn't hurt asking.


Example text of what the new awesome script is supposed to do in PyMOL. Consider posting some contact information, so once the script is posted you are apprised.

List of Requested Scripts

Dang Reader

It would be nice if PyMOL could read in and visualize the Dangle ( colon delimited output or be scripted to reproduce the actual data itself for visualization.

Instruction request

Would it be possible to add short instructions to category page for new users how to run scripts in pymol...(?)

Maybe this helps: Running_Scripts (I didn't dare to edit the nice yellow table :-) ) --Karo 11:19, 5 August 2010 (UTC)



We want the script library to be as valuable as possible to the public. Therefore, please follow these rules when posting code to the wiki:

  • Only post code if you have the legal right to do so
  • All posted code must be released under some source license or freer (public domain).
    • Authors may maintain copyright
    • Only post links to code that is not open source licensed, do not copy it onto the wiki

Depositing Scripts

  • Create a new page for your script
  • Please provide
    • an overview of what the script does
    • any usage comments or hints
    • the source code
  • Please add the following to the bottom of your new page:
    [[Category:Script_Library]] [[Category:PUT_SUBCATEGORY_NAME_HERE]]

General Notes


  • Feel free to add scripts (see rules below).
  • Feel free to add new categories
  • You can make script requests on this page's discussion page
  • GIT Repository of all our scripts:
    git clone git://

GitHub for Pymol-scripts

I created a github for the pymol scripts. I think this is a good way to to collect and enlarge the collection of scripts. The repo is public accessible so contribute. If you need help on git just write me an email.