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transform_object in an API-only function which applies a transformation matrix to an object.

If setting matrix_mode > 0 and selection is empty, then this function operates on the TTT (movie) matrix.


  • name = str: object name
  • matrix = list of 16 floats: transformation matrix
  • state = int: object state {default: -1}
  • log = 0/1: write action to log file (only applies if object is a molecular object) {default: 0}
  • selection = str: atom selection (only applies to molecular objects, if empty then the whole object state is transformed).
  • homogenous = 0/1: if 0, then matrix[12:15] may contain a pre-translation, otherwise those values must be zeros (see also cmd.transform_selection) {default: 0}
  • transpose = 0/1: matrix is 0=row-major, 1=column-major {default: 0}

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