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Type Python Module
Download {{{filename}}}
Author(s) anonymous
License No license specified
This code has been put under version control in the project Pymol-script-repo

This is a info box for scripts in the Pymol-script-repo. Eventually we could upgrade mediawiki with Extension:ParserFunctions and make this box more versatile.


{{Infobox script-repo
|type      =
|filename  =
|author    =
|license   =

The filename argument must match a file in the Pymol-script-repo.


{{Infobox script-repo
|type      = PyMOL Plugin
|filename  = plugins/dynoplot.py
|author    = Dan Kulp
|license   =
{{Infobox script-repo
|type      = Python Module
|filename  = anglebetweenhelices.py
|author    = [[Users:Speleo3|Thomas Holder]]
|license   = BSD