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The pse_export_version setting switches to a legacy format when saving PSEs, so far possible. The value is the floating point number representation of the targeted legacy PyMOL version, for example 1.74 to save a session for PyMOL 1.7.4.

New in PyMOL 1.7.6

Session file loading is always backwards compatible, so any newer version of PyMOL can load old session files.


# current version (default)
set pse_export_version, 0
save current.pse

# compatible with PyMOL 1.7.4
set pse_export_version, 1.74
save 174compat.pse

Known Limitations

The following objects are not or only partly supported:

  • scenes before 1.7.6 (support added in 1.8.4)
  • volumes before 1.7.2
  • ramps
  • CGOs

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