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PyMol Wiki Home

You have reached the home of the PyMolWiki, a user-driven web-oriented CMS.

We provide

  • updates on PyMol
  • a stable user-oriented documentation base
  • a thorough treatment of the PyMol program
  • feature-rich scripts for general PyMol use

New Users

Welcome! New users who wish to contribute appropriate content are welcome to join. Feel free to add any appropriate content; make an account and get started!




  • EMovie plugin added. Easy movies in PyMol using a GUI.
  • DYNMAP plugin page created. Check it out!
  • CE Align v0.8-RBS released. Better than before. See test case comparisons.
  • Slerpy, a set of pymol command extensions to simplify complex movie making is now available.
  • Updated the Kabsch code with a more elegant solution; fixed a small rotation bug.

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