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Load all files of the suffix suff from the directory dirName, where suff and dirName are function parameters.


  1. copy the source below to the a file called "loadDir.pml" somewhere on your computer
  2. load the file with "run /your/path/toLoadDir/loadDir.pml"
  3. run loadDir. See examples below.


# load the script
run ~/loadDir.pml

# load all SD files from /tmp
loadDir /tmp, sdf
loadDir /tmp, .sdf
loadDir /tmp, *.sdf
# even stupid stuff works; hopefully as one would want.
# load all PDBs from /tmp
loadDir /tmp, foo.woo.pdb

# load all the PDBs in all the directories under ./binders/ERK
loadDir ./binders/ERK/*, .pdb

# load the PDBs into groups: now we can load all the files in the tree under
# ./ERK into the group "ERK" and the files from ./SYK into the group "SYK"
loadDir ./binders/ERK/*, .pdb, group=ERKb
loadDir ./binders/SYK/*, .pdb, group=SYKb

The Code

from glob import glob
from os.path import sep, basename

def loadDir(dirName=".", suff="pdb", group=None):
        Loads all files with the suffix suff (the input parameter) from the directory dirName).

        dirName:        directory path
        suff:           file suffix.  Should be simply "pdb" or "sdf" or similar.  Will accept the
                        wildcard and dot in case the user doesn't read this.  So, "*.pdb", ".pdb",
                        and "pdb" should work.  The suffix can be anything valid that PyMOL knows
                        how to natively load.
        group:          groupName to add the files to.

                # load all the PDBs in the current directory

                # load all SD files from /tmp
                loadDir /tmp, "sdf"

                make sure you call this script w/o quotes around your parameters:
                        loadDir ., .pdb
                as opposed to
                        loadDir ".", "*.pdb"
                Use the former.

        g = dirName + sep + "*." + suff.split(".")[-1]

        for c in glob( g ):

                if ( group != None ):
                        cmd.group( group, basename(c).split(".")[0], "add" )

cmd.extend("loadDir", loadDir)