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ImmersiveViz was developed as a component to monitor head tracking and rotate the molecule displayed in such a manner to provide an immersive experience. Our ImmersiveViz (MolViz) software integrate two forms of head tracking (wiimote infrared (IR) based (active tracking) and webcam based (passive tracking)). By rotating the molecule in a direction opposite to the motion of the user's head we provide a 3D experience; to the user, it appears as if they are 'peeking' around the side of the object.

Our system contains a head tracking thread which communicates the users position to a PyMol script via a socket. The PyMol script unpacks the message and updates the world respectively. All rotation is done around the virtual origin in PyMol and zoom is also considered.

We are also developing a wiimote-based interface whereby the wii remote can be used as an high degree-of-freedom input device (i.e. a 3d mouse).

For more information, please visit our site MolViz. Downloads will be available by the end of March '08.