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       "apropos" searches through the documentation of all currently 
       defined commands and lists those commands for which the keyword
       is either contained in the documentation or matches the command
       name itself.
       If an appropriate "DESCRIPTION" section is provided in the documentation
       of the command, the first 80 characters are listed as a summary.


       apropos [keyword or regexp]


       apropos fit
      1. EXACT MATCH FOR: fit ==> try 'help fit' at the prompt.
      1. The following commands are NOT documented.
      1. The following commands are documented. 'help command'
         fit : "fit" superimposes the model in the first selection on to the model
   intra_fit : "intra_fit" fits all states of an object to an atom selection
         rms : "rms" computes a RMS fit between two atom selections, but does not
    pair_fit : "pair_fit" fits a set of atom pairs between two models.  Each atom

intra_rms_cur : "intra_rms_cur" calculates rms values for all states of an object

    commands : >>>>>>>> Ooopsie, no DESCRIPTION found for this command!!! <<<<<<
        zoom : "zoom" scales and translates the window and the origin to cover the
   intra_rms : "intra_rms" calculates rms fit values for all states of an object
       align : "align" performs a sequence alignment followed by a structural
     rms_cur : "rms_cur" computes the RMS difference between two atom
     fitting : "fitting" allows the superpositioning of object1 onto object2 using


   grepset(www.pymolwiki.org), Python re module