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New Plugin PyANM is a new plugin for easier Anisotropic Network Model (ANM) building and visualising in PyMOL.
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3D using Geforce PyMOL can now be visualized in 3D using Nvidia GeForce video cards (series 400+) with 120Hz monitors and Nvidia 3D Vision, this was previously only possible with Quadro video cards.
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Cartoon side chain helper

== Overview ==

set cartoon_side_chain_helper is an easy way, in cartoon mode, to only show the side chain of a residue.

For residues represented in cartoon (but not ribbon) form, if you show the residue also in stick or wireframe cartoon_side_chain_helper hides backbone atoms. Showing the sidechain in this method distorts the cartoon shape so it joins with the sidechain, effectively over-riding any cartoon_flat_cycles setting for that residue.


set cartoon_side_chain_helper, off            
set cartoon_side_chain_helper, 0              #off
set cartoon_side_chain_helper, on             
set cartoon_side_chain_helper, 1              #on


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