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Type Python Module
Author(s) Jason Vertrees
License BSD

visLoad will load an object and show it in your desired representation. PyMOL by default loads things as lines (or spheres, a setting you may change), but not others.


  • Save the code to "".
  • Run the code from PyMOL or put it in your .pymolrc
  • Use visLoad whenever you would use load
  • To change representations, update "cartoon" to something else, or add more intermediate commands.

The Code

import os
from os import path
from pymol import cmd

def visLoad(filename, object=None, *args, **kwargs):
        if object==None:
                object = os.path.basename(filename).split(".")[0]
                cmd.load(filename, object, *args, **kwargs)
                cmd.show_as("cartoon", object)
                cmd.set("suspend_updates", "off")

cmd.extend("visLoad", visLoad)

See Also

Load, Save, Show_as

Settings: auto_show_lines, auto_show_nonbonded, auto_show_spheres