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Hongbo Zhu

Postdoctoral Researcher @ MPI for Developmental Biology, Tuebingen, Germany.

MSMS plugin for PyMOL

DSSP & Stride plugin for PyMOL


hongbo(d o t)zhu(d o t)cn(a t)gmail

""" To quickly check the structure of a protein in PyMOL, 
    you may just fetch/load it and display it as cartoon. 
    fetch_ac: Fetch as cartoon, 
    load_ac:  Load as cartoon.
from pymol import cmd

def fetch_ac(*args, **kwargs):
        Fetch structure and display it as cartoon. 
    cmd.fetch(*args, **kwargs)

def load_ac(*args, **kwargs):
        Load structure as cartoon. 
    cmd.load(*args, **kwargs)

cmd.extend("fetch_ac", fetch_ac)
cmd.extend("load_ac", load_ac)