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Are you able to confirm that videos generated via "export to MPEG" actually works? I used both the windows and linux binaries for the 1.2 beta builds and created an MPEG video. However, they did not play properly at all (as in nothing happened when I played them with different players).

P.S. Great job on the massive updates to this page. I'd love to contribute figures and examples IF I can get it to work properly myself.


The page isn't quite ready yet, that's why I haven't advertised it yet.

I think you need to be a subscriber to get the cool MPEG exporting stuff. The export movie to PNG frames works, and is what I use. I just wanted folks to know that they had options.



I've finally had some time to go through most of the movie school pages (am now on lesson 5). Everything seems to work wonderfully so far and the instructions are clear and make sense. As well, I can verify that the MPEG export function worked for me (my school subscribed). Hopefully, I'll be able to contribute something to these pages.



  • Too long, chop up the doc
  • Add the mouse-menu three_buttons motion added
  • new setting: movie_auto_reinterpolate will be the new setting for automatically interpolating between changes
  • mset -- is that true to what's actually going on?


  • Movies are MUCH, MUCH easier.
    • config_mouse three_button_motions or Mouse->3Button_All_Modes, then cycle to movie mode
    • mset 1 x90, or ...->Program->Blank->3
    • Shift-Middle-Click on an object in any frame to set its location in that frame
    • M->Store will store camera -- notice it lights up
      • (Also ./pymol -d "cmd1;cmd2;cmd3" will 'do' those commands on startup)
    • It automaticall reinterpolates for you
    • Middle-Mouse on the movie panel will take you right there; right-click on the movie_panel will advance/reverse one frame towards the mouse