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Type PyMOL Plugin
Author(s) Raphael Dives
License BSD-3-Clause

Note: Incentive PyMOL 2.1 has built-in SpaceNavigator support for all platforms, see


This plugin integrates Spaceball devices on Linux Systems.

It was developed and tested with the SpaceNavigator(TM) by 3DConnexion.

But it *should* work with other (Linux based) systems and Spacenav Driver compatible devices as well.

The used software was:

PyMOL version 1.7
Ubuntu-12.04 / 14.04


Download the plugin and install it using the PyMOL plugin wizard.

Please consider the following requirements:

  1. Install the "libspnav0" and "libspnav-dev" packages from the repositories
  2. Obtain and install the current version of the Spacenav driver from


The name "SpaceMouse" is registered trademark of 3DConnexion.

This plugin uses the spnav-0.9 package

Copyright (c) 2011, Stanley Seibert
All rights reserved.
The BSD-License agreement and the Readme for this package are located in the spnav_docs folder.
Please see the for more information.