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set_view sets viewing information for the current scene, including the rotation matrix, position, origin of rotation, clipping planes, and the orthoscopic flag.


set_view (...)  where ... is 18 floating point numbers


cmd.set_view(string-or-sequence view)


Contents of the view matrix

  • 0 - 8 = 3x3 rotation matrix which transforms model to camera space
  • 9 - 11 = camera position (in model space and relative to the origin of rotation)
  • 12 - 14 = origin of rotation (in model space)
  • 15 = front plane distance from the camera
  • 16 = rear plane distance from the camera
  • 17 = not implemented (the online help says that this should be the orthoscopic view flag, but PyMol as of v0.99 does not implement this)


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