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Type Python Script
Author(s) Thomas Holder & Troels Linnet
License BSD-2-Clause
This code has been put under version control in the project Pymol-script-repo

select_sites make named selections from SITE, LINK, SSBOND, HET records.
A super fast way to annotate the protein, according to the authors input i pdb file.


For instance, trypsin (

SITE     1 CAT  3 HIS A  57  ASP A 102  SER A 195
SITE     1 AC1  6 ASP A 165  ALA A 177A GLU A 180  GLU A 230
SITE     2 AC1  6 HOH A 259  HOH A 261

This requires that the authors have performed annotation in the pdb file.


import select_sites
select_sites [ selection [, filename [, prefix [, nice [, quiet ]]]]]

nice = 0 or 1: make colored sticks representation for sites {default :1}


fetch 1sgt, async=0
import select_sites

Or fetch and select_sites in one go

import select_sites
sites 1sgt

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