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ribbon_color allows one to explicitly state the color to be applied to a ribbon object.


set ribbon_color, marine (default auto-cycles the color for each new object)

set ribbon_color, green /obj01 (apply green to the ribbon only for object obj01)

set ribbon_color, orange /obj01//B (apply orange to the ribbon only for chain B of object obj01; NB: not fully enabled until version 1.0)


Advanced details

Some notes on general "set" syntax (From PyMOL "help set"):


  "set" changes one of the PyMOL state variables,


  set name, [,value [,object-or-selection [,state ]]]

  set name = value  # (DEPRECATED)


  cmd.set ( string name, string value=1,
            string selection=, int state=0,
             int updates=1, quiet=1)


  The default behavior (with a blank selection) changes the global
  settings database.  If the selection is 'all', then the settings
  database in all individual objects will be changed.  Likewise, for
  a given object, if state is zero, then the object database will be
  modified.  Otherwise, the settings database for the indicated state
  within the object will be modified.

  If a selection is provided, then all objects in the selection will
  be affected.