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When Pymol launches, it will read custom settings and functions from a .pymolrc (windows: pymolrc.pym) file.

In windows put file under "C:\Users\YOU\pymolrc.pym".
On a Unix/Linux-type system (including Mac OS X), this file will be located in /path/to/home/.pymolrc.

An example of a .pymolrc file is:

# this will run the script in the specified location
run /path/to/home/pymol/

set movie_loop, 0
set two_sided_lighting, 1

set label_size, 60
set label_outline_color, 1
set label_color, 0
set label_position, [0, 0, 10]

# for images:
#   antialias =1 smooths jagged edges, 0 turns it off
set antialias = 1

#   stick_radius -adjust thickness of atomic bonds
set stick_radius = 0.3

# set fetch_path
set fetch_path, /your/fetch/path

To reload .pymolrc file (e.g. after editing .pymolrc, or after running reinitialize), use:


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