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In November 2011, a group of PyMOL users initiated together with Jason Vertrees, a project to let PyMOL scripts be under version control system (VCS) called Git.

We hope that script authors and PyMOL users would be interested in this option.


The benefits from this project, is

  1. A convenient way, to let PyMOL users download all scripts at the PyMOL wiki, with a minimum of effort.
  2. The possibility to let script authors push changes to their script out to PyMOL users.
  3. Easier requiring assistance from the PyMOL mailing list.
  4. Script will be tested for malicious code before added to the official repository.

Read here to install:

Official repository

The official repository is located at:

And the Git Read-Only access is:


Same namespace

As a part of this project, we recommend that the name for script filename and pagename at the PyMOL wiki are the same. All letters should also be small for both.
This will ease the use of the script

Example: colorbydisplacement

Example of namespace

For a description of use

For a color coded view

For the raw code

In the users local script library


To import in PyMOL

import colorbydisplacement

To print the available functions in PyMOL


This means, that if a PyMOL user look in his/her local repo directory, and wonder what does. Then he/she can write:

And then a easy description of the of script is presented, with example of use and images. When he/she then wants to use the script, he/she simply write: import colorbydisplacement

To find out the defined functions, he/she can then either look at the wiki page, OR write in PyMOL. help(colorbydisplacement) which automatically returns the functions.

Read more here

  1. Simple install instructions for all PyMOL users.
  2. Information how to contribute scripts to the repository. It's easy!
  3. Information how Repository admins handle the contributions