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Reading the PyMol list for years, we users noticed a trend: person A would ask a question, person B would answer and then two months later person C would ask the same question again, but now to get the answer everyone had to search for it. We have a growing corpus of knowledge; it's now time to organize it.

This site came from acknowledging that.


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The site was originally created by Jason Vertrees for the purpose of founding a knowledgebase for PyMOL users. The site also espouses the open-source mode: to post any code on this site, you must first have ownership be the copyright holder and then release it to the world under an Open Source Initiative-approved license.

Cocktails - How To Cut Lime Wedges For Cocktails

In making a cocktails cutting is one of the important thing to know. You have to cut juicy fruits in a proper way so that it may look more attractive in the eye of people. Make some styles in cutting it, learn some ideas in cutting it since it was the simplest thing to do in making a cocktails. This is the simplest way to cut citrus fruit for garnishing cocktail, there are other decorative variations but this get's bang for buck and works great. If there is still white area showing cut just a little bit more until you see mostly fruit/pulp. You have to be careful in cutting the fruits.

Cut the the fruit gently of your cocktails, I say gently because you don't want to cut through the rind on the other side, but be sure to get allthe way through the meat of the fruit. Use a cutting board in cutting your fruit, slice it properly according to the design of your fruit that you want to put in your cocktails, it maybe horizontally or vertically depending on the kind of fruits. Ask some help from your friend or family to assist you in making it. Make sure to follow the instructions in making a cocktail to have a delicious and attractive cocktail.