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== '''About PICv''' ==
== '''About PICv''' ==

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About PICv


Protein interaction clustering and visualization is an pioneer attempt in understanding protein-protein interaction at a residue level. For any given protein the interaction is purely dependant on its charges and surface-structural modifications. The clustering of proteins based on there preferential amino acid interactions provides a biological insight on both the above mentioned aspects. The clusters such obtained can be used to infer the interaction behaviour for a class or family of proteins. Such interpretation can be useful in understanding structural protein chemistry. The interactions also provide information on the crucial amino acids required for interactions to remain stable. This information can be used to design antibody or induce mutations to depreciate its functionality

PICv home screen.PNG


Download the plugin from the following URL:


Installation and Demo video

Visit the below mentioned link for detailed installation followed by demo.


Developed by

The plugin was developed by Center of Excellence Computational Genomics, R V College of Engineering, Bangalore, India in collaboration with Protein Data Bank in Europe (PDBe), UK

For more details visit