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The multifilesave command saves each object and/or state in a selection to a separate file.

New in PyMOL 2.1


multifilesave filename [, selection [, state [, format ]]]

The filename argument must contain one or more placeholders:

{name}  : object name
{state} : state number
{title} : state title
{num}   : file number
{}      : object name (first) or state (second)


  • filename = str: file path with placeholders
  • selection = str: atom selection {default: all}
  • state = int: object state (-1 for current, 0 for all states) {default: -1}
  • format = str: file format, e.g. pdb {default: guess from file extension}


multifilesave /tmp/{name}.pdb
multifilesave /tmp/{name}-{state}.cif, state=0
multifilesave /tmp/{}-{}.cif, state=0
multifilesave /tmp/{}-{title}.sdf, state=0

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