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Type Python Module
Author(s) Jason Vertrees and Thomas Holder
License BSD-2-Clause
This code has been put under version control in the project Pymol-script-repo

This script will help fade in and out settings in a movie. Just specify the setting, it's initial value at an initial frame and it's ending value and frame.


movie_fade setting, startFrame, startVal, endFrame, endVal [, selection ]


To fade in sticks from fully transparent to fully opaque across 60 frames do:

mset 1x60
movie_fade stick_transparency, 1, 1., 60, 0.

More complex example which involves camera motion:

fetch 1rx1, async=0
as cartoon
show surface
mset 1x80
movie_fade transparency,  1, 0., 40, 1.
movie_fade transparency, 41, 1., 80, 0.

Example file:

import movie_fade

fetch 1hpv, async=0

bg black
show_as cartoon
color marine, ss s
color red, ss h
color white, ss l+""
show sticks, resn 478
util.cbao resn 478
set surface_color, white, 1hpv
show surface

mset 1x120
movie_fade transparency,1, 0, 60, 1, 1hpv
movie_fade transparency,61, 1, 120, 0, 1hpv

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