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Type Python Module
Author(s) Jason Vertrees
License BSD


This script will help fade in and out settings in a movie. Just specify the setting, it's initial value at an initial frame and it's ending value and frame. For example, to fade in sticks from fully transparent to fully opaque across 60 frames do,

movie_fade stick_transparency, 1, 1., 60, 0.

For help, type,

# syntax

movie_fade ?

# usage

help movie_fade

from pymol import cmd, stored
import string
import math
# Movie fades work great, when there is only one mdo command
# per frame.  mdo does NOT save a stack of commands per frame
# as one might thing it just consistently updates itself.
def mStore(frame, theCommand):
	print "Storing %s into frame %d" % (theCommand, frame)
	if len(stored.mdoCache)<frame:
		diff = frame - len(stored.mdoCache)
		for x in range(diff): stored.mdoCache.append("")
	stored.mdoCache[frame-1] = stored.mdoCache[frame-1] + ";" + theCommand

def mRunCache():
	for f in range(len(stored.mdoCache)):
		cmd.mdo(f+1, stored.mdoCache[f])

def mClearCache():
	for f in range(len(stored.mdoCache)):
		cmd.mdo(f+1, "")
	stored.mdoCache = []

def movie_fade( setting, startFrame, startVal, endFrame, endVal, smoothing="linear"):
	"""fades and smooth transitions"""

		from pymol import stored
	except AttributeError:
		print "mdoCache not found, creating new."
		stored.mdoCache = []

	startFrame = float(startFrame)
	endFrame   = float(endFrame)
	startVal   = float(startVal)
	endVal     = float(endVal)
	frameRange = math.fabs(endFrame-startFrame)

	# boundary conditions to control the stricly <
	# aspect of the range function
	if startFrame<endFrame: endFrame = endFrame + 1.
	if startFrame>endFrame: endFrame = endFrame - 1.

	for fr in range(int(startFrame), int(endFrame)):
		fracV2 = float((fr-startFrame)/frameRange)
		fracV1 = 1.0 - fracV2
		totalIntensity = fracV1 * startVal + fracV2 * endVal
		if len(string.split(setting,','))==1:
			mStore(fr,  "set %s, %1.3f, quiet=1" % (setting, totalIntensity))
			(s1,s2) = string.split(setting,',')
			mStore(fr,  "set %s, %1.3f, %s, quiet=0" % (s1.strip('"'), totalIntensity, s2.strip('"')))
cmd.extend("movie_fade", movie_fade)
cmd.extend("movie_fade_clear_cache", mClearCache)