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Type Python Module
Author(s) Andreas Warnecke
License BSD-2-Clause
This code has been put under version control in the project Pymol-script-repo
movie_color_fade example

movie_color_fade is like movie_fade, but will fade colors in a movie. Simply specify the arguments (see below).


 movie_color_fade [ startframe [, startcolor [, endframe [, endcolor [, selection ]]]]]
 help movie_color_fade


  • startframe, endframe = beginning and end movie frame for fading
    • if omitted, the current or last frame will be respectively set automatically
  • startcolor, endcolor = coloring at start and end
  • selection: target selection


This example yields the movie to the top right

# make function available to PyMOL
import movie_color_fade

# object prep
bg black
delete all
fetch 1hpv, async=0
as cartoon
color yellow, chain A
color skyblue, chain B
# movie prep
mset 1x120

# color fading
movie_color_fade 1, yellow, 60, skyblue, chain A
movie_color_fade 60, skyblue, 120, yellow, chain A
movie_color_fade 1, skyblue, 60, yellow, chain B
movie_color_fade 60, yellow, 120, skyblue, chain B