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The community-run support site for the PyMOL molecular viewer.
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Official Release PyMOL v2.5 has been released on May 10, 2021.
Python 3 New Python 3 compatibility guide for scripts and plugins
POSF New PyMOL fellows announced for 2018-2019
Tutorial Plugins Tutorial updated for PyQt5
New Plugin PICv is a new plugin for clustering protein-protein interactions and visualization with available data from PDBe
Selection keywords New polymer.protein and polymer.nucleic selection keywords. Thanks everyone who participated in the poll!
Plugin Update MOLE 2.5 is an updated version of channel analysis software in PyMOL
New Script dssr_block is a wrapper for DSSR (3dna) and creates block-shaped nucleic acid cartoons
Older News See Older News.
Did you know...


zoom scales and translates the window and the origin to cover the atom selection.


zoom [ selection [,buffer [, state [, complete ]]]]


# auto zoom depending on what's loaded in PyMOL

zoom complete=1

# zoom on just chain A
zoom (chain A)

# zoom on residue 142
zoom 142/

# zoom consistenly 20 Ang from each object at the center
center prot1
zoom center, 20

# prot1 and prot2 will have the same exact zoom factor
center prot2
zoom center, 20


cmd.zoom( string selection, float buffer=0.0,
          int state=0, int complete=0 )


state = 0 (default) use all coordinate states
state = -1 use only coordinates for the current state
state > 0  use coordinates for a specific state
complete = 0 or 1:

Normally the zoom command tries to guess an optimal zoom level for visualization, balancing closeness against occasional clipping of atoms out of the field of view. You can change this behavior by setting ..→

A Random PyMOL-generated Cover. See Covers.