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Welcome to the PyMOL Wiki!
The community-run support site for the PyMOL molecular viewer.
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News & Updates
fetch_host setting Fetch_Host has been added to allow users to download PDBs from their PDB server (pdb, pdb euro, or pdb japan) of choice.
Fetch Fetch has been updated to also load electron density maps.
Schrodinger Buys PyMOL Schrodinger has purchased PyMOL. Development, support and open-source fun to continue! Read about the sale.
User Movie One of our users has posted another interesting movie, images from which were created with PyMOL.
New setting surface_cavity_mode to change how PyMOL displays cavities.
Search fixed. Thanks to a eagle-eyed user, our search has been fixed. Please let us know if you have any search-related problems.
New Command Cache—stores information on structures, so we don't have to recompute them.
Warren News about Warren DeLano's passing may be read on Warren's memorial page.
Setting Fetch_Path—Sets the default path for the fetch command.
New Script SelInside—Creates a custom selection of all atoms spatially inside some user-defined box.
New Script ContactsNCONT—The script selects residues and atoms from the list of the contacts found by NCONT from CCP4 Program Suite
Fun PCR Rap video made with PyMOL (YouTube).
PyMOLWiki Reformatted Main Page. Some delays might occur from resizing images, but that should go away once the images are cached.
PyMOLWiki New — Search the PyMOLWiki via GoogleSearch
PyMOL PyMOL is known to work under Mac OS X 10+ (Snow Leopard) using the new Fink and incentive builds. See Installing PyMOL under Fink.
PyMOL PyMOL now has a Set command for basic settings, and a Set_bond command for bond-only settings.
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