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PyMol Wiki Home

You have reached the home of the PyMolWiki, a user-driven web-oriented CMS.

We provide

  • updates on PyMol
  • a stable user-oriented documentation base
  • a thorough treatment of the PyMol program
  • feature-rich scripts for general PyMol use

New Users

The PyMol Wiki actively seeks new users and contributors! However, due to massive amount of spamming, we've changed the registration process, until further notice. If you would like access, you will need to be verified by a system administrator/sysop. To do so, email Jason dot Vertrees at gmail dot com (and tell me why you use PyMol). Also, be sure to include your desired user name, real name, temporary password, and email address. Once we figure out a way to automatically prevent spamming, we'll return to the normal method of registration.




  • SURFNET information on reading surfaces from other programs added.
  • Two new Plugins have been added, NsSNP Loader and Proxy Config.
  • Added a page that lists all PyMol settings. We need to start documenting these.
  • MAC_Install page has been developed. It describes pymol and apbs issues specific to Mac OS X.
  • APBS page has been established.
  • APBS How to set this up on OS X and on Linux has been started but needs contributions.

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