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PyMol Wiki Home

You have reached the home of the PyMolWiki, a user-driven web-oriented CMS.

We provide

  • updates on PyMol
  • a stable user-oriented documentation base
  • a thorough treatment of the PyMol program
  • feature-rich scripts for general PyMol use


  • Added DynoPlot script for plotting data within PyMol; an interactive Ramachandran plot.
  • Added Kabsch script for optimal alignment of two sets of vectors.
  • Some details have been released about 0.99beta11's release and new features.
  • A new map function is in the beta build, Map_Trim.
  • Details on how to build peptide sequences and nucleic acid sequences by hand.
  • New Transform_odb script to transform coordinates with .odb file from O or LSQMAN

See our Older_News.

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