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The label_font_id setting sets the typeface (font family) for atom labels.


# use "Serif Bold" font family
set label_font_id, 10

Available Font Families

Font IDs 0-4 were fixed size GLUT fonts, their support was dropped in PyMOL 1.6.

Name label_font_id
Sans 5
Sans Oblique 6
Sans Bold 7
Sans Bold Oblique 8
Serif 9
Serif Oblique 17
Serif Bold 10
Serif Bold Oblique 18
Mono 11
Mono Oblique 12
Mono Bold 13
Mono Bold Oblique 14
Gentium Roman 15
Gentium Italic 16

Special Characters

Several Unicode characters are supported. They can be entered with unicode literals as 4-digit hexadecimal escape sequences.

Example characters (find the code for your character at Unicode Charts):

Code Character Name
u"\u03b1" α Alpha
u"\u03b2" β Beta
u"\u00c5" Å Ångström
u"\u00b1" ± plus/minus
u"\u00b2" ² superscript 2

Example 1

The alpha and beta are Unicode characters.
# if Python is configured with utf-8 default encoding (all incentive builds)
label  5/CA, u"\u03b1-Helix"
label 10/CA, u"\u03b2-Sheet"

# if Python is configured differently, explicit utf-8 encoding is necessary
label  5/CA, u"\u03b1-Helix".encode("utf-8")
label 10/CA, u"\u03b2-Sheet".encode("utf-8")

# italic
set label_font_id, 16

# make bigger
set label_size, 50

# cast shadows in ray tracing
set label_shadow_mode, 3

Example 2

Notice the Angstrom and superscript 2 characters. You can add other characters as well.
# label residue 30 with "4.1 Ang^2 +/- 0.65 Ang^2
label i. 30, "4.1" + u"\u00c5\u00b2  \u00b1 0.65 \u00c5\u00b2 "

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