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ImmersiveViz was developed as a component to monitor head tracking and rotate the molecule displayed in such a manner to provide an immersive experience. The ImmersiveViz (MolViz) software integrates two forms of head tracking: Wiimote infrared (IR) based (active tracking) and webcam based (passive tracking). By rotating the molecule in a direction opposite to the motion of the user's head we provide a 3D experience; to the user, it appears as if they are 'peeking' around the side of the object.

Our system contains a head tracking thread which communicates the users position to a PyMol script via a socket. The PyMol script unpacks the message and updates the world respectively. All rotation is done around the virtual origin in PyMol and zoom is also considered.

We are also developing a Wiimote-based interface whereby the Wii remote can be used as an high degree-of-freedom input device (i.e. a 3d mouse).


PyMol Script

Head Tracking

For more information, please visit our site MolViz.