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|image=Gm2.png|size=200px|title=Grid Mode|description=This image shows [[Grid Mode]] in action.
|image=Gm2.png|size=200px|title=Grid Mode|description=This image shows [[Grid mode|Grid Mode]] in action.
|cmdString=<source lang="python">
|cmdString=<source lang="python">
fetch 1cll 1sra 1ggz 5pnt 1rlw 1cdy;
fetch 1cll 1sra 1ggz 5pnt 1rlw 1cdy;

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PyMOLWiki Gallery
Cool PyMOL-generated Images and their Scripts.

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Grid Mode What To Type
This image shows Grid Mode in action.

See Also
fetch 1cll 1sra 1ggz 5pnt 1rlw 1cdy;
set grid_mode

Cool Perspective What To Type
This image shows a perspective through Field_Of_View.

See Also
load prot.pdb;
zoom i. 46-49 and n. CA
set field_of_view, 60

Representing a binding pocket What To Type
This image shows a nice way to show binding surfaces

See Also
load $TUT/1hpv.pdb, tmp
extract lig, organic
extract prot, polymer
delete tmp

set surface_carve_cutoff, 4.5
set surface_carve_selection, lig
set surface_carve_normal_cutoff, -0.1

show surface, prot within 8 of lig
set two_sided_lighting
set transparency, 0.5
show sticks, lig
orient lig

set surface_color, white
set surface_type, 2  # mesh
unset ray_shadows