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   CTRL-A    redo the previous conformational change.  
   CTRL-A    redo the previous conformational change.  
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These are defaults, which can be redefined.  Note that while
entering text on the command line, some of these control keys take on
text editing functions instead (CTRL - A, E, and K, and DELETE), so
you should clear the command line before trying to edit atoms.


  CTRL-C    Replace picked atom with carbon   (C)
  CTRL-N    Replace picked atom with nitrogen (N)
  CTRL-O    Replace picked atom with oxygen   (O)
  CTRL-S    Replace picked atom with sulpher  (S)
  CTRL-G    Replace picked atom with hydrogen (H)
  CTRL-F    Replace picked atom with fluorene (F)
  CTRL-L    Replace picked atom with chlorine (Cl)
  CTRL-B    Replace picked atom with bromine  (Br)
  CTRL-I    Replace picked atom with iodine   (I)


  CTRL-J    Set charge on picked atom to -1
  CTRL-K    Set charge on picked atom to +1
  CTRL-D    Remove atom or bond (DELETE works too).
  CTRL-Y    Add a hydrogen to the current atom
  CTRL-R    Adjust hydrogens on atom/bond to match valence.
  CTRL-E    Inverts the picked stereo center, but you must first
            indicate the constant portions with the (lb) and (rb)

  CTRL-T    Connect atoms in the (lb) and (rb) selections.
  CTRL-W    Cycle the bond valence on the picked bond.

UNDO and REDO of conformational changes (not atom changes!)

  CTRL-Z    undo the previous conformational change.
            (you can not currently undo atom modifications).
  CTRL-A    redo the previous conformational change.