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The dump command writes the geometry of an isosurface, isomesh, or isodot object to a simple text file. Each line contains one vertex.

For surface objects, XYZ coordinates and the normal are exported. Three lines make one triangle (like GL_TRIANGLES).

For mesh objects, XYZ coordinates are exported (no normals). The vertices form line strips (like GL_LINE_STRIP), a blank line starts a new strip.

For dot objects, XYZ coordinates are exported.


dump filename, object


  • filename = str: file that will be written
  • object = str: object name


fetch 1ubq, mymap, type=2fofc, async=0

isosurface mysurface, mymap
dump surfacegeometry.txt, mysurface

isomesh mymesh, mymap
dump meshgeometry.txt, mymesh

isodot mydot, mymap
dump dotgeometry.txt, mydot

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