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Type Python Script
Download colorblindfriendly.py
Author(s) Jared Sampson
License MIT
This code has been put under version control in the project Pymol-script-repo


Certain colors are indistinguishable to people with the various forms of color blindness, and therefore are better not used in figures intended for public viewing.

This script generates a palette of named colors for PyMOL that are unambiguous both to colorblind and non-colorblind individuals.

The colors listed here are defined according to recommendations found at J*FLY. This website is a good reference to consult when making all kinds of figures, not just those made using PyMOL.


The 0-255 RGB values from the J*FLY page have been used and converted to decimal notation (e.g. 230/255 = 0.902).

  name R G B alternate names
  cb_black 0.0 0.0 0.0
  cb_orange 0.902 0.624 0.0
  cb_sky_blue 0.337 0.706 0.914 cb_skyblue, cb_light_blue, cb_lightblue
  cb_bluish_green 0.0 0.62 0.451 cb_bluishgreen, cb_green
  cb_yellow 0.941 0.894 0.259
  cb_blue 0.0 0.447 0.698
  cb_vermillion 0.835 0.369 0.0 cb_red, cb_red_orange, cb_redorange
  cb_reddish_purple 0.8 0.475 0.655 cb_reddishpurple, cb_rose, cb_violet, cb_magenta


Use these color names just like any other named color, using the color command:

import colorblindfriendly
color cb_skyblue, all