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The cif_keepinmemory setting is an experimental feature. When loading a CIF file with cif_keepinmemory=on, then the parsed file is kept in memory and made accessible like a dictionary from the Python API.

New in PyMOL 1.7.8


import pymol

pymol.cmd.fetch("1ubq", type="cif")

citation_titles = pymol.querying.cif_get_array("1ubq", "_citation.title")

import pprint


['Structure of ubiquitin refined at 1.8 A resolution.',
 'Comparison of the Three-Dimensional Structures of Human, Yeast, and Oat Ubiquitin',
 'Three-Dimensional Structure of Ubiquitin at 2.8 Angstroms Resolution',
 'Crystallization and Preliminary X-Ray Investigation of Ubiquitin, a Non-Histone Chromosomal Protein',
 'Molecular Conservation of 74 Amino Acid Sequence of Ubiquitin between Cattle and Man']