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  • ImmersiveViz -- A script used in conjunction with head tracking software to provide an immersive virtual experience.
  • ObjectByArrows -- Navigate between objects by using the arrow keys
  • PowerMate Dial OS X -- Script and instructions to use the PowerMate dial on Mac OS X.
  • mouse_modes -- customize the default mouse bindings for Viewing or Editing modes. - by EHP
  • Key Wait -- Process key events in a Python script.
  • grepset -- List all settings matching a given keyword. - by EHP
  • apropos -- List all commands matching a given keyword or whose docs contain the keyword. - by EHP
  • Stereo_Ray -- This script will create two resolution specific ray traced images rotated appropriately for inclusion into a single file to represent a stereo view of the desired macromolecule.
  • Save2traj -- Save object and object states into a trajectory file