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= Categorized Descriptions =
= Categorized Descriptions =
== [[:Category:UI_Scripts|User Interface]] ==
== [[:Category:UI_Scripts|User Interface]] ==

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The PyMOLWiki script library houses many useful scripts. Here you will find premade scripts that will extend the power of PyMOL.

The scripts are now categorized based on their function. Someone may have added a script but not listed it on this page, therefore please see the autogenerated list of scripts at the bottom of this page.

Please post any script requests to this page's discussion page. Who knows, someone might have already written it or would be willing to write it.

Depositing Scripts

  • Create a new page for your script
  • Please provide
    • an overview of what the script does
    • any usage comments or hints
    • the source code
  • Please add the following to the bottom of your new page:
    [[Category:Script_Library]] [[Category:PUT_SUBCATEGORY_NAME_HERE]]

Categorized Descriptions

User Interface

Objects and Selections

System (OS/Filesystem/Web/etc)

Structural Biology

Third Party

Biochemical Scripts



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