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image:Fancy.JPG|Fancy helix|center
image:Fancy.JPG|Fancy helix
image:Cylindre.JPG|Cylindrical helix
image:Cylindre.JPG|Cylindrical helix
image:default.JPG|Default representation
image:default.JPG|Default representation

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This setting sets the style in which cartoon helices are rendered. The default is a helix with an ellipsoid cross section. Fancy mode helices are ribbons with tubular edges à la MolScript. Cylindicial mode renders helices as solid cylinders.


To turn on Fancy Helices:

set cartoon_fancy_helices, 1

To turn on Cylindrical Helices:

set cartoon_cylindrical_helices, 1

To return to default helices:

set cartoon_fancy_helices, 0
set cartoon_cylindrical_helices, 0


Change size of default cartoon helix

To change the size of the cartoon helices when not in the fancy helix mode you change the dimensions of the oval that represents the cross section of the default cartoon representation.

Cartoon oval length.png

set cartoon_oval_length , 0.8 # default is 1.20
set cartoon_oval_width , 0.2  # default is 0.25

Also see Cartoon_oval_width and Cartoon_oval_length